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Top Growth National Tour

Top Growth National Tour

Adelaide • Melbourne • Auckland • Brisbane • Perth • Sydney


Adelaide • Melbourne • Auckland • Brisbane • Perth • Sydney


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Session #1- Top Growth Strategies That Deliver Rapid Results

If Rent Roll Growth Experts and BDM Coaches Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz had the opportunity for a fresh start (armed with what they now know), these are the TEN TOP rent roll growth strategies they would immediately implement!

This is their actual secret growth plan if they had to do it all over again!

So, if you're seeking rapid and consistent growth because you've experienced too many property losses to sales, you're starting from scratch, or you simply want to ACCELERATE your growth to the next level and DOMINATE your market, attending this session is an absolute must.
In this session, Deniz and Michael will UNPACK:

✅ The most effective points of difference that make you stand out from your cheaper competitors, positioning you as the preferred agency of choice and win your fees with confidence.

✅ Tried, proven, and effective rent roll growth strategies that are rapidly growing rent rolls throughout Australia and New Zealand.

✅ How to create an easy agency comparison chart that clearly highlights your agency as the best and obvious choice when presented to potential clients in a listing presentation or enquiry (add it to your pre-listing email template we will give you at this session too!)

✅ Pre-Listing Email Template Added BONUS- Get the 'Pre-Listing Email Template that skyrockets your conversion rate from initial enquiry to signed deal. See the video below with what happened when BDM Paul Zellman used this 'Pre-Listing Email Template' (Paul went from 65% to a whopping 90% conversion!)

Session #2- NINE Ways to BEAT "BUT the other agent is cheaper!"

The most common fee objection that prospects often throw at you is that dreaded line, "But the other agent is cheaper..."

...however, what many overlook is that this objection is actually a 'buying signal' in disguise, indicating that they have already chosen you as the agency they want to use...

...they simply want a discount on your fees before signing up, to give themselves a greater feeling of 'win and value'.

Your next response will determine whether you secure your full fees and walk away with your worth intact, or compromise, undervalue yourself and give a discount.

If you struggle with and dread being asked this very common fee objection, then this session is designed to elevate you to the next worth level and give you the breakthrough you need and want!

International PM Fee Scripts Expert Darren Hunter reveals the most effective nine response scripts he's seen used over Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

...so that you can learn them and confidently walk away with your full fees.
In this session, we'll reveal to you:

✅ The NINE most effective SCRIPT RESPONSES you can arm and equip yourself with when you get "BUT the other agent is cheaper".

✅ Know the 'KIA VERSUS TOYOTA' Script, the 'HEART SURGEON' Script, the 'FULL PIZZA' Script plus many more (we will give you the EXACT SCRIPTS wording).

✅ BONUS: Get SUPPLIED with over 50 Fee Objection Scripts for many different fee objections like "If you can MATCH your fee with the other agent" to "BUT your fees are too high" to "BUT the other agent will get me a higher rent".

Session #3- Unlock TOP GROWTH and Lead Generation using TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Getting TOP GROWTH and generate a consistent flow of warm leads using social media isn't hard...when you know how!

Rent Roll Growth Coaches and Social Media Experts Michael Sanz and Deniz Yusuf have returned in March from the USA after attending 'Social Media Marketing World' in San Diego USA (the premier global conference for social media marketing). 

At TOP GROWTH they're excited to share the very best strategies that are currently getting results across the four major social media platforms with TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.
In this session, we'll show you:

✅ Discover the TOP FIVE WAYS and methods to leverage social media and establish your dominance as the market leader and expert in your area.

✅ Unleash the power of educational videos to capture your prospects' attention and generate a consistent stream of warm leads, by calling them to action.

✅ Unlock the potential of TikTok for rent roll growth and lead generation.

How Janine Went from 4 to 14 Properties a Month Using LinkedIn

Session #4- Secret Shopper SECRETS- The Ten WINNING Steps to TAKING ENQUIRY and Securing the DEAL

At IGT, we have conducted hundreds of secret shopper calls on agencies, and in this session, we unveil the ten biggest mistakes agents commonly make when handling new business enquiries from prospective clients.

We'll also expose the ten winning steps and keys to successfully sealing the deal when you receive a new business enquiry, whether it's through phone or email. 
In this session, we'll show you:

✅ How to master the art of effectively winning cold phone or email enquiries that ask, "But what are your fees?" and successfully WIN the deal, along with your fees.

✅ The ten winning steps to ensure success when handling any new business enquiry.

✅ The TEN WORST MISTAKES agents make when taking new business enquiries, as exposed by our IGT Secret Shopper.

✅ LEARN the best and worst points of difference agents use to stand out, during our 'secret shopper' calls.
BONUS TOOL- You'll also receive our Pre-Listing Email Template that when you email this to your prospect after you've spoken with them, will make you their 'go-to' favourite right away. See Session One video above for how this works.

Session #2- How to BEAT "BUT the other agent is CHEAPER" Fee Objection

How Janine Went from 4 to 14 Properties a Month Using LinkedIn

Our Top Growth PROMISE to you!

Over ONE intensive day, we'll show you EXACTLY HOW to GENERATE a CONSISTENT FLOW of QUALITY LEADS that will GENERATE at least 100 properties (or more) over the next 12 months!

You'll walk away knowing exactly WHAT rent roll growth strategies will work best for you and what's been working for hundreds of other agencies building their rent rolls, that we have coached and worked with.

 You will know exactly HOW to do it, without needing to rely any longer on being hand-fed a restricted supply of leads from a sales team!

You will be in TOTAL CONTROL of your RENT ROLL GROWTH from now on! 

After this event...you'll be able to GROW your RENT ROLL as FAST as you want, 
and generate as many leads as you can possibly handle!

We will show you how to TOTALLY DOMINATE in your marketplace with new business!

If you need to GROW to the next level...book your ticket now!

NO OTHER ONE-DAY EVENT in 2023 will equip you to generate a 
HUGE number of PM leads, like you'll learn at this event!

The BUSINESS GROWTH you'll GAIN from this event is totally worth it!

You will be able to NETWORK being surrounded by other TOP SHELF agencies 
that also want to GROW!

If you're HUNGRY for GROWTH and want to go to the next level...

If you need to re-charge your RENT ROLL because you've been HAMMERED by property sales...

If you need to GROW FAST from scratch...

Explode your RENT ROLL GROWTH...at the Top Growth One-Day Event!

Proudly Sponsored by:

Top Growth ONE-Day National Tour- 
Australia and New Zealand

Adelaide- Thursday 27th July 2023
The Lakes Resort Hotel
141 Brebner Drive, West Lakes
Session Times- 8.30am to 5.00pm

Melbourne- Friday 28th July 2023
Pullman Melbourne On The Park
192 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne
Session Times- 8.30am to 5.00pm

Auckland- Wednesday 2nd August 2023
Grand Millennium Auckland
71 Mayoral Drive, Cnr Vincent Street, Auckland
Session Times- 8.30am to 5.00pm

Brisbane- Friday 4th August 2023
The Glen Hotel
24 Gaskell St, Eight Mile Plains
Session Times- 8.30am to 5.00pm

Perth- Tuesday August 8th 2023
Mercure Hotel Perth
10 Irwin Street, Perth
Session Times- 8.30am to 5.00pm

Sydney- Thursday August 10th 2023
Novotel Sydney International Airport Hotel
22 Levey St, Wolli Creek
Session Times- 8.30am to 5.00pm

Special discounted rates- 20% OFF for IGT Exclusive Members.
Members- please email office@IGTMail.com for your special payment code.

Who needs to attend? Real Estate Business Owners, Managers, BDM's, Senior Property Managers, 
Property Managers and anyone else responsible for rent roll growth. 
Lunch, morning & afternoon tea are provided.

Bring your Note Book/Pens and/or Device.


Here's what they said after our rent roll growth events...

"Thank you so much to the guys at Inspired Growth Training! I learnt so much, it brought the life back into BDM and gave me a new hunger. I WILL BE BACK, thanks again!"
Jasmine Quirk, BDM – Pulse Property, NSW

“Specific to PM, not sales training with PM tagged on! Solutions, scripts and usable dialogues that can be easily implemented. Practical, reinforcing and nothing that is too complex.”
Deb McKinnie - General Manager, Harcourts Cooper & Co, Auckland

"My team and I absolutely loved the training today. Very detailed and truly is a new way of Property Management & New Business. You guys are truly the leaders in the Real Estate Business. Thanks again!"
Andrew Simpson, Managing Director – Brough & Taylor Real Estate, NSW

“Getting out of the mind frame that ‘it won’t work because I’m in a small town.’ Trying to find someone in the same size market. Reinforcing ‘implement, implement, implement.”
Gavin van Lierop - Owner/BDM, LJ Hooker Matamata, Auckland

"Loved the session today, it gave us a clear strategy on what we need to focus on to start winning more managements." Lina Lim, Director – Nidus Group, NSW

“How to move cold/hot leads with real ideas that we can implement. Uncovering the point of difference on our service and how we can showcase these, & I guess position ourselves as leaders in the market. All the scripts and dialogues are very good. Epic knowledge from all 3 speakers and getting the participants to actually do ideas during the course.”
Paul Weeks - BDM/Owner, Harcourts Reforma, Auckland

"What an amazing session, so much content packed into such a short space. The sharing of knowledge is just amazing. I can’t thank the team enough, it has been an absolute pleasure being part of the audience. Thanks guys, you are amazing!"
Shari Rakic, Holiday Rentals Manager - South Coast Realty Property Management, SA

“The interactive content and pushing out of comfort zones.”
Wayne Shackleton - Director, Let’s Rent, Auckland

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for today, I learned a lot and have many strategies that I can now implement to grow my rent roll."
Angilique Swartz, Property Manager - Harts Property, QLD

"The information delivered in the Grow 100 Plus session was fantastic. The team broke it down into some easy-to-follow instructions with plenty of visual information to help my business plan future property management growth. We now have a much clearer plan and action list for the next twelve months."
Tom Ellis, Principal - Bertram Ellis, ACT

“Listing techniques (that we already knew!!) but… the confidence to DO them. Fee scripts always love that. Video and podcasts tech info. More depth than any other training.”
Caroline Register - Owner/GM, Harcourts Holmwood Property Management, Auckland

"The IGT growth event inspired us by demonstrating not only how to create the great content required in order to generate leads but also showed us how to use the content effectively."
Colin Fulton, Managing Director - Edwards Windsor Real Estate, TAS

"Thank you all for a really informative course today plus the important reminder that results will only occur with implementation and consistency. Now we know what to do, we need to do what we know."
Julia Saunders, Director/Property Manager - Saunders Property Group, TAS

"Thanks to everyone for a great training day!
I really enjoyed and will take on board the “Investors Support Services”
Kerrie Stafford, BDM - Hoskins Real Estate, VIC

“The guys did well to relate their content to real situations and not put the ‘ideal business scenario’. It was great to have all three of them sharing expertise - they are all different and it helped to keep me engaged.”
Jen Neil - Property Manager/BDM, Harcourts Accommodation Centre, Auckland

"I just wanted to say that today’s training was very insightful, a lot of content to process & implement. Very thankful for the knowledge & experience shared to help each & everyone of us."
Tiana Gillard, BDM/Marketing & Sales Executive - Consolidated Property Management & Sales, WA

"Wow, what a day. Deniz, Michael and Darren, you guys are amazing. I have learnt so much in one day."
Ainsley Boyle, Property Manager - The Realty Group MacArthur, NSW

"Thank you so much for your time and expertise today!
 I am really looking forward to sharing this knowledge with my colleagues and implementing so much of the content of which you spoke about.
 I will be joining all future training and of course visiting your Facebook page on a regular basis.
 Take care and thank you again for all I have learnt today."
Michelle Gillespie, Leasing Consultant / BDM - Professionals Paradise Realty, NSW

“That’s a huge difficult question as it was all so valuable, I learnt lots about educational videos and podcasts which I would like to implement.”
Tracey Onishenko - NBM, Landlords Link, Auckland

"These guys are incredible. A fantastic trio and awesome combination of skill sets and talent, knowledge and experience. And perfect for the larger and small size businesses. Plus plenty of free info. #amazing"
Treena Kahale, Principal/Director - Complete Property Agency, NSW

"I was doubtful about attending this zoom session, nothing good ‘comes for free’!
When you're a business owner, time is your most valuable asset. 
This session was definitely worth my time, every second of it. 
A must in my eyes."
Crystal Fisher, Director - LJ Hooker Atherton, QLD

“Being challenged to do better - video, sms video, using technology to grow, chase private landlords in a more systematic manner.”
Tony Smith - Director, Quinovic Botany, Auckland

"Today’s training was so inspiring. So many Principals want organic growth and don’t understand full-time Property Managers don’t have the time to do whilst they are managing their portfolio. This training has been able to showcase all the ways organic growth can occur and highlights that you need a full-time BDM to achieve this. 
With implementing the strategies it will return the outlay quickly and enable you to step-up and showcase yourselves as experts in your field."
Louise Schofield, Operations Manager - Property Management, Jacksonwall, NSW

"I have just attended the most 'action-packed' online training ever in growing your 100 rental portfolios conducted by Property Leasing and Management Gurus and Strategists... Deniz, Darren and Michael. I cannot wait to implement all that I learn and have faith that I will surely achieve above and beyond the 100. 
Well worth every second of my time today."
Audrey Pang, Sales Partner - Jamie Loh Real Estate, WA

“Pre-listing email - winning before they even see you. Videos, videos, videos. Why I discount and why I don’t actually need to. PM ‘merchants of peace of mind.’”
Paul Zellman - BDM, Ray White Austar, Auckland

"What a great training day, always full of energy and excellent content. It is by far the best training I have attended. 
I highly recommend IGT to everyone out there. If you are looking to take your business to the next level then look no further.
Your passion has inspired me. I look forward to joining IGT and also able to help many others grow their passion for property management."
Betty Pham, Director/Principal - AB Beyond Investments, VIC

“A myriad of good skills to assist in effectively operating my property management portfolio in the business.”
Tracey Bergersen - Owner, One Agency Thames Coast, Auckland

"Loved everything you are changing lives!"
Melissa Feijoo, Director – Revolution Property Group

"Inspirational, exceptional knowledge, the belief that there is no obstacle you cannot overcome. 
Video technology is a must! I just need to lose 10 kg first lol!"
Linda Gulabovska, Right Choice Real Estate

“Social media section. A great chance to be part of an intense learning session with a group of like-minded professionals. Can’t wait to get to work and start implementing the learning.”
Nic Elliottyson - BDM, Lodge City Rentals, Auckland

"The wealth of relevant and forward thinking, content provided. I have two pages of ideas for implementation – some tweaking ideas and some meatier – all which will give our business new energy and life. Exceeded my expectations. Loved the workshop for investor night and doing the video so more interaction content would be great."
Julie Baird, Department Manager – Hockingstuart Armadale

“I liked that you didn’t just throw all the ideas at us. You went into details and showed me the tools on how I can implement which I think is the key.”
Audrey Grinter - BDM, Watson Integrity Real Estate,  Auckland

“The encouragement to do more videos/social media. Not to discount fees and knowing how to deal with potential clients who ask.” 
Lynne Cawthorn - BDM, Harcourts Holmwood, Auckland

"Several different things that I can immediately implement to my business"
Mel Simone, Director – Starr Partners Parramatta

“I enjoyed learning about the ways in which I can generate leads outside of the ‘easier channels’ and how to approach fee objections.” 
Kelly Johnston - BDM, Harcourts Accommodation Centre, Auckland

“How much my team engaged in the event. Challenging the fee mindset. Scripts.” 
Jodine Clark - Head of PM, Harcourts, Auckland

"A reality check on what we aren’t doing and the gaps in our business, but great solutions on how to fix them"
Jane Blair, Director – Century 21 Curtis & Blair

“The content! Such a massive library of content that we now know there is a huge mountain of work ahead - AND great growth, too.” 
Les Hoverd - Business Owner, Harcourts Hoverd & Co.  Auckland

“The power and benefits of social media marketing. Learning to do real-raw videos. Overcoming objections I hadn’t known before. Turning cold leads to hot!” 
Helen Keoghan - GM/BDM - Harcourts Hoverd & Co., Auckland

"I had the opportunity to sit in today’s training session with IGT & let’s just say I am completely mind blown with how much knowledge the team provided. I have made a list of things I need to do which involves implementing everything that was discussed today in the training sessions. I am excited & now have the motivation to become a successful BDM. Thank you so much for today to the IGT team, I appreciate all the advice & knowledge you have provided."
Zowe McElligott, BDM - LJ Hooker Gladstone, QLD

“Social media component - so much to learn!” 
Gordon McNay - BDM, Harcourts Four Seasons, Auckland

“Podcasts etc. Social media marketing.” 
Brent Manderson - Owner, Rentworks Property Management, Auckland

Top Growth National Event- Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend the Top Growth National Tour-One Day event for any reason, you may send a substitute person in your place.

Notice of substitution must be provided prior to the start of the event. 

If you wish to send a substitute in your place, please send an email to office@IGTMail.com. 

If you are unable to find a substitute, your ticket will be forfeited and no refund will be made.

Sharing of tickets: Under no circumstances may tickets be shared (multiple people using the one ticket). If you are caught sharing your ticket, you (or the person you are sharing with) will be asked to leave and your ticket will be cancelled for the remainder of the event. 

Should you wish to cancel, your ticket is transferable to anyone else- just let us know in writing to office@IGTMail.com.

Should the event, for whatever reason, cannot be held and needs to be transferred, your ticket will be fully transferred to that event. 

Should you wish to cancel your ticket for a refund, the above refund policy will apply.

IGT cannot be held financially responsible for any travel expenses resulting from occurrences 
that prevent the event from being held.

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